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About Us

Our hospital has become a centre for premium veterinary care on the East Rand. We are situated in the centre of Edenvale. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in veterinary medicine. You and your pets will be treated like family, while receiving the best and most compassionate care that the veterinary profession has to offer.

Over the years, we have expanded our services and facilities to meet the ever changing demands of the veterinary field. Offering comprehensive health care for dogs and cats as well as a host of exotic animals and pets. We are open seven days a week to help better serve our clients and animal friends.  Appointments may be scheduled, however, we find that our pets are mostly very unpredictable and ill animals need to be seen to as soon as the problem arises, so please come in whether you have an appointment or not and our team  will do their best to get your pet seen in a timely manner.

Our doctors, Shabeer, Alae, Leo and Trent are joined by an experienced and friendly staff of assistants, front staff and management.

Here at the Terrace Road Vet, we believe strongly in preventative medicine.  We feel that regular wellness exams, parasite prevention, and screening lab-work are an important part of managing your loved one’s health and helping to make sure that he or she is around for many years to come.  Since your animal friends cannot talk, we rely upon regular check-ups to catch subtle changes in their health before problems occur.

We have invested extensively in state of the art diagnostic equipment to enable us to achieve rapid and accurate results so that measures can be put into place as soon as humanly possible.

A very important part of our practice is our way of giving back to the community at large. We have a very close relationship with our local SPCA. With them we are able to help animals that have no help as well as reaching the less privileged side of society. We cater for sick animals from Tembisa allowing the human animal bond to flourish in places where it is very needed.   

We would like to thank you in advance for entrusting us with your pet’s health management, and we will continually strive to provide you with the compassion, respect, and quality care that your animal family member deserves.  We will do our best to make you feel at home, providing an environment that is comfortable and welcoming to the entire family.

If you ever have any questions regarding your pet’s health, diet, behavior, or general care please do not hesitate to contact us.  We welcome your comments, suggestions, and feedback.  Thanks again and welcome to our veterinary family! 

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011 609 0477 

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076 151 0272


011 452 1843

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011 705 3411